Petronius, Publius

Petronius, Publius
(fl. 25–21 BC)
   Roman prefect of Egypt c. 25–21 BC. He led Roman forces in two campaigns against Meroeafter Meroitic forces raided Aswan and the temple of Philae and carried off booty, including statues of the emperor. A bronze head of Augustus was discovered buried in Meroe in 1910 and is now housed in the British Museum. Roman forces marched to Qasr Ibrim, which they garrisoned, and sacked the Nubian city of Napata from 24–25 BC and in 22 BC. The war ended around 21 BC with a treaty that fixed the Egyptian border at Maharraqa south of Aswan and so awarded the Dodekaschoenus to Rome.
   See also Cornelius Gallus, Caius.
Historical Dictionary Of Ancient Egypt by Morris L. Bierbrier

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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